Annual Domestic Service & Maintenance

£300.00 / Year For 1 Year

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Annual service & maintenance includes (where applicable), system operation check, manual operation, sludge level check, compressor operation check, compressor pressure check, clean/replace compressor filter. Check air hose’s condition, Check alarms, check operation of diffuser, Ph check, Ammonia level check, dissolved oxygen check, suspended solids level check, BOD level check, tank inspection, manhole covers inspection, tank ventilation check.

Annual service package applies to the following systems:
Harlequin CAP, Harlequin Hydroclear, Clenviro Matrix, Marsh Ensign, Graf One2clean, Graf Klaro, Tricel Novo, Premier Tech solido smart, Solido, ASP,. Excludes Klargester Biodisc.

Annual service & maintenance is crucial for the operation and performance of your treatment plant and ensures the system is operating at its optimal performance. Ensuring your treatment plant is operating efficiently will also help reduce the risk of pollution to our watercourses and also prolong the lifespan of your system.

It is also a condition of registration and licensing by the environment agency that homeowners/operators of treatment plants have annual service and maintenance contracts in place. Failure to have annual service & maintenance contract in place may result in a fine. Failure to have annual service and maintenance contract in place may result in any insurance claims being rejected by insurers in the event of an insurance claim.