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Harlequin Hydroclear Sewage Treatment Plant 6pe.

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Harlequin Hydroclear Sewage Treatment Plant

Harlequin Hydroclear Sewage Treatment Plant from 6 person to 50 person domestic or commercial sewage treatment applications.


Manufactured from polyethylene the Hydroclear is a robust 3 chamber slimline treatment plant using MBBR (moving bed biological reactor) technology, with externally housed diaphragm blowers (for virtually silent operation), which produces excellent cleaning performance with pollutant level removal of 96.6%. Fully certified to EN12566-3
Systems are hermetically sealed to reduce odour; however, we recommend like all treatment plants adequate ventilation is allowed during installation to allow systems to operate properly.
Fit a Carbon Filled Air Vent to eliminate odours and allow venting

Carbon Air vent

How It Works

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Wastewater enters chamber 1 – primary settlement zone where solids sink to base and start decomposing. The clarified water then passes into chamber 2
Chamber 2 – aeration zone. In this chamber a combination of moving filter media and aeration from bubble diffuser situated at the base of the tank create a biological action which ensures full treatment is achieved
Camber 3 – the treated effluent passes into this zone from chamber 2 where any remaining particles sink to the base allowing clean treated effluent to pass through and discharge to a soakaway or watercourse if permitted by your local environment agency.

Harlequin Hydroclear Sewage Treatment Plant Size Range

With a size range of 6pe to 50 pe there are seven models available.
HC6 – 1 to 6Pe, HC8 – 4 to 8 pe, HC12 – 7 to 12 pe, HC20 – 13 to 20 pe, HC30 – 21 to 30pe, HC40 – 31 to 40 pe and HC50 – 41 to 50Pe.

Dimensions, Loadings, De Sludging and Power consumption

Table below show information relating to individual population sizes. Although The hydroclear Primary settlement chamber is up to 66% larger than other systems making de sludging intervals up to 3 times longer, note that de sludging intervals do vary depending on size., It should also be taken into consideration that usage will also determine de sludging intervals



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The slim and shallow profile design of the Harlequin Hydroclear Sewage Treatment Plant tank allows for an easier installation

Price And delivery

All prices shown are subject to Vat at the current rate 20 %. Prices shown include delivery to UK mainland only. Additional carriage charges will apply to Scottish Highlands. Note: Tanks are normally delivered on artics, as such it is the customers responsibility to ensure access for delivery is suitable for HGV artics.
It is customers responsibility for offloading, please ensure sufficient means available for offloading tanks

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HC6, HC8, HC12, HC20, HC30, HC40, HC50, HC6P, HC8P, HC12P, HC20P, HC30P, HC40P, HC50P