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Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant 6pe to 300pe

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Clenviro Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant

Clenviro Matrix Sewage Treatment plant- Reliable, efficient sewage treatment plants for domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment.

Matrix Treatment Plant Specification

Manufactured from Polyethylene, fully certified and tested to EN12566-3 up to 50pe.

The Matrix Treatment Plant system is a single tank unit with a comprehensive size range from 6 pe to 300 pe, with modular system for larger applications.
Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant systems offers excellent cleaning performance with a certified cleaning performances.

Average levels of 11 mg/ltr BOS, 16mg/Ltr Suspended Solids and 6mg/Ltr Ammoniacal Nitrogen which relates to an average efficiency ratio of 96.2%

Clenviro Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant


The  system design is based on the principles of a submerged bed reactor, which has been designed and configured with a flowpath and non-mechanical recirculation system to ensure optimal performance of the system.
The Clenviro Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant system is a three-stage biological process within a single tank structure, comprising of primary settlement zone, a biological filtration zone and final settlement zone.

Matrix Treatment Plant- How it works

Wastewater enters the system to the primary settlement chamber where solids are retained.
Wastewater then passes to the biological filtration zone
Within the biological zone the submerged filter beds consist of polypropylene filter media which provides a large surface area on which the bacteria, required for the purification can grow. Aeration is fed to this zone via fine bubble air diffuser which is connected to an external air blower located inside a weatherproof enclosure with the associated electrical controls.
Wastewater then flows into the final settlement zone which allows any remaining particles to settle and discharge clean treated water. Any sludge is then recirculated to the primary zone

Clenviro Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant Features

Robust Polyethylene constructed Tank for easy and cost-effective installation
No mechanical or electrical components in tank
Low visual impact flush fitting covers rated to 1 tonne load
Simple installation in vehicular areas, up to D400 loading
Low running and maintenance costs
Pumped outlet option available
Deep inlet inverts available
Failure Alarm system as standard
Optional GSM telemetry dial out alarm units (small extra cost)
Comprehensive 2-year warranty
Full technical back up
Nationwide network of service engineers


Installation should be carried out by a reputable installer in line with British Water code of practice

Additional Products to Consider

Carbon Filled Air Vent – Allows treatment Plants to ventilate properly whilst eliminating smells

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CLF1-6pe Gravity, CLF1P – 6pe pumped, CLF1A-9pe Gravity, CLF1AP – 9pe pumped, CLF2-12pe Gravity, CLF2P – 12pe pumped, CLF3-18pe Gravity, CLF3P – 18pe pumped, CLF4-25pe Gravity, CLF4P – 25pe pumped, CLF5-30pe Gravity, CLF5P – 30pe pumped, CLF6-40pe Gravity, CLF6P – 40pe pumped, CLF7-50pe Gravity, CLF7P – 50pe pumped, CLF8-60pe Gravity, CLF8P – 60pe pumped, CLF9-70pe Gravity, CLF9P – 70pe pumped, CLF10-80pe Gravity, CLF10P – 80pe pumped, CLF11-90pe Gravity, CLF11P – 90pe pumped, CLF12-100pe Gravity, CLF12P – 100pe pumped, CLF13-125pe Gravity, CLF13P – 125pe pumped, CLF14-150pe Gravity, CLF14P – 150pe pumped, CLF15-200pe Gravity, CLF15P – 200pe pumped, CLF16-250pe Gravity, CLF16P – 250pe pumped, CLF17-300pe Gravity, CLF17P – 300pe pumped