Rewatec Solido Smart Sewage Treatment Plant – 3-10pe Pumped


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Rewatec Solido Smart Sewage treatment plant 10 PE, with a gr pumped outlet.


Carbon Air vent

Note:Extension shafts ordered separately will incur additional carriage charges 

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Rewatec Solido Smart Sewage Treatment Plant By Premier Tech Water and Environment

The Rewatec Solido Smart provides the ideal off-mains wastewater treatment solution for residential and commercial projects striving for a high treatment performance with minimal energy consumption.

Integrating SBR technology, comparable to large municiple applications, the Rewatec Solido Smart operates with direct aeration of the wastewater and without the need for primary treatment. This simple principle provides efficient wastewater treatment results without costly energy bills and any emission of odours.

With a fully pre-assembled, plug and play design and a small tank footprint, the Rewatec Solido Smart is extremely quick and easy to install in all groundwater environments.

Superior Technical Performance

The Rewatec Solido Smart is designed and tested in accordance with EN12566-3 British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads. It is CE and UKCA marked with typical treatment results as follows:

  • COD: 39mg/L
  • BOD: 5mg/L
  • SS: 13 mg/L
  • NH4-N: 0.7 mg/L
  • TN: 10 mg/L
  • TP: 2.3 mg/L

Features and benefits (applicable to all):

  • Industry leading 25-year shell warranty
  • Plug and play (fully pre-assembled)
  • Can be installed in all groundwater environments
  • Easy to lift, transport and manoeuvre
  • Simple to service and maintain
  • Efficient wastewater treatment with a small tank footprint
  • Low energy bills with optimised aeration cycles
  • Lowest annual maintenance costs
  • 50% reduction in energy consumption during periods of limited/no usage
  • PIA certified design that adheres to the EA and Natural England regulations (EN12566-3)


  • Residential properties and developments
  • Seasonal residencies
  • National / local authority parks
  • Community developments
  • Small commercial developments
  • Farms
  • Leisure venues
  • Hospitality venues
  • Caravan parks and campsites.

All electrical work should be carried out in accordance with current regulations (e.g. NIC EIC/Building regulations).

Guide for users for Small Wastewater Treatment Plants
Guide to Installation of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants
Sampling Chamber

Neck Extensions

Extension Shafts – Neck Extension Shafts for use with The Rewatec Solido Smart Sewage Treatment Plant.

Note: prices stated are carriage paid when ordered with a Rewatec Solido Smart Treatment Plant. Extension shafts ordered separately will incur additional carriage charges – contact us for details

NOTE : Prices are carriage paid UK mainland with exception of some areas of Scottish Highlands – contact us for pricing

* It is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange offload facilities – failure to deliver as a result of no offload arrangements made may incur extra charges.

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