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Studor Maxi Filtra

Studor Maxi Filtra is a carbon filter vent designed to remove bad odours produced by drainage systems.

Maxi Filtra Vents are designed with a replaceable carbon filter. This operates as a two way vent, filtering air in both directions. Therefore  allowing essential ventilation to the wastewater tank, whilst getting rid of nasty smells. The carbon filter within the vent removes the bad odour.

Suitable for:

  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Outdoor use only.
  • Hard to Reach places
  • Contains replaceable carbon filter that last up to two years
  • Fits 82mm(3″) or 110mm (4″) pipe
  • UV Resistant

Maxi Filtra Vents are supplied with one carbon filter. In addition to the filter, the connector  is also supplied as standard. Studor Vents fit 82mm(3″) drain pipes without using the connector. With the connector the Studor Maxi fits 110mm(4″) drain pipes.

This means Maxi Filtra’s are perfect for;

  • Septic tanks
  • Grease separators
  • Rain water tanks
  • Sewage treatment plants

Due to it’s robust design the Maxi Filter is ideal for external installation. Anywhere when the odour from existing vents present a problem, or when pipe vents are to be included in the drainage system of a new build.

Manufacturer Recommendations:

Fitting a Studor Maxi Filtra Aluminium Cover will provide added protection.

In installations with high odour saturation, the carbon filter cartridge should be replaced more regularly than our recommended two years, or when odour recur. Due to the amount of dust that can be created on site it is best practice to install when building works are near completion.

Benefits and Features of the Studor Maxi Filtra:

  • Saves money by taking away the need for odour-reducing additives in septic tanks.
  • Easy retrofit installation to solve existing problems.
  • Simple push-fit connection to all brands of UK domestic soil pipe.
  • Designed to resist extreme temperatures and deterioration.
  • Low maintenance – just replace the carbon cartridge a minimum of every two years; the Maxi Filtra vent cap simply lifts off

Finally, further Instruction Sheets and Product Specification Guides are available.


Another option to consider if you have an existing septic tank would be our septiXvent, a complete kit with carbon filter vent


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