Monoblock 2 – 2-6pe Pumped


Domestic/residential package treatment plants that provide an ideal solution for wastewater treatment without the need for electricity.

Biorock Monoblock Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

Available sizes from 5pe (3 Bed House),2000L Primary Tank Storage or 6pe (4 bed house), 3000L Primary Tank Storage.

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Biorock Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plant

Biorock Monoblock allow us to offer a domestic sewage treatment plant that requires no electricity. This non-electric domestic sewage treatment plant comes in a complete range of sizes. Available in 2 sizes perfect for common residential wastewater treatment requirements. 5pe (3 bed house) or 6pe (4 bed house).

Biorock provides an environmentally friendly solution to package treatment plants with no need for a power supply. This innovative product range does not have any mechanical or electrical components. Meaning minimal ongoing running or maintenance costs in comparison to other waste water treatment plants. There is no need for compressors or blowers due to the unique treatment process of the Biorock system.

Biorock Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plants – Advantages

If you are looking for a sewage treatment plant at home a huge consideration should be the running costs. This non-electric domestic sewage treatment plant offers the lowest running costs in today’s market. As well as no electricity bill the advantage of the power free waste water treatment process means Biorock is completely silent. A truly environmental sewage treatment solution with a low carbon footprint and long life Biorock media.  Ideal for Holiday Homes as they can be left for long periods of absence.


Monoblock Wastewater Treatment Units

These units are completely pre-assembled allowing for quick and easy installation. Available with either gravity or pumped outlets also offers great versatility for most applications. Biorock Monoblock waste water treatment plants are supplied with a 25 year manufacturers warranty. Fully certified to EN 12566-3. This very compact system provides highly efficient waste water purification levels meaning it is a very economical and reliable system available.

How does the Biorock Monoblock Purification Process Work?

Really simply actually. The Biorock domestic sewage treatment system works with a three stage treatment process.

Stage 1

Raw sewage enters the primary settlement tank to provide separation and breakdown of solids.

Stage 2

The sewage then by gravity passes through the effluent filter into the Biorock treatment unit where the well proven aerobic digestion process begins. This process works so well due to the Biorock media in this treatment unit. Biorock use a media with a large surface area. This provides the perfect environment for the necessary bacteria to grow. This is essential in breakdown of the effluent. Due to the media being from an inorganic material it does not breakdown allowing Biorock to provide a 10 year warranty on the media itself. Made from 100% rcyclable material. Biorock media has been independently recognised as the most efficient in it’s class.

Stage 3

Filtration before discharge via gravity means or pumped outlet.

Biorock Monoblock

Check Out this great video showcasing how this Biorock Monoblock system works.