Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV
Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV

Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV channel on YouTube.

At Xoli we are all very passionate and care for our environment. As such we will always look to provide the best solution for our customers to help reduce environmental pollution, protect our environment and our waterways.

With this in mind, Over the past few months our team have been working tirelessly to bring together content which we hope will give customers a better understanding of wastewater treatment systems, products and solutions.

I am grateful, not only for their support and commitment to our company, but also their enthusiasm and commitment to provide our customers with the highest level of service and customer care.

Our aim at Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV is to share our knowledge and expertise in wastewater treatment and provide honest and factual information on the different types of treatment products, solution, regulations and impartial advice to allow customers to make informed decisions on the best solution for their application and where possible help reduce environmental pollution.

In the coming weeks, months, and years ahead on Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV, we will share content on everything from benefits and considerations when buying septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, grease traps, water storage tanks and rainwater harvesting systems, to installation tips & advice, service & maintenance guides, drainage fields, regulations, testimonials and case studies, tutorials on different manufacturers tanks and operating systems, advice on applying for discharge licences and much more.

Our first videos are now available to view

Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV
How Can Xoli Help With Your Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant Problems?
Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV
Buying a Sewage Treatment Plant or Septic Tank?

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At our Xoli Wastewater Solutions TV channel, we hope that our channel is informative,educational and beneficial to customers looking for wastewater solutions.

If there are any topics anyone would like us to add, send us an email to sales@xoli.co.uk, call us on 01236 796437

or send a message via our contact us page.