Residential Home Sewage Treatment Plant
Residentail Home Sewage Treatment Plant
Auchtermairnie Care Home

Residential Home Sewage Treatment Plant Solution to reduce environmental pollution

Auchtermairnie Care Home Kennoway in Fife had been searching for several months to find a solution to upgrade their existing sewage treatment plant. Having contacted several wastewater Treatment companies in search of a solution with no success, The Owner of Fairfield Care Scotland Colin Corstorphine contacted Xoli in search of a solution.

After a site survey and discussions with Colin, we understood the challenge of finding a solution.

The home had expanded over the past couple of years

The existing Treatment plant, although working was regularly overloaded and failing to comply with the license requirements of SEPA.

It was imperative that the home remained fully open 24 hours a day with no disruption, so we had to find the best residential home sewage treatment plant solution.

Installing a new system was impossible due to lack of space – only available space was the car park which had to remain open and clear for access.

Access and parking is limited – Home located on a country road with no parking available off site.

Existing Treatment plant located to side of home with limited space and access and no possible way of excavating and installing an underground system next to the existing treatment plant.


The only option was to find an above ground system which we could add to the existing treatment plant, increasing the capacity and improving the final effluent quality without any disruption to the day to day running of the nursing home.

After speaking to various manufacturers and a visit to a manufacturing plant in Germany we found a solution. A Delphin Classic fixed bed sewage treatment plant comprising of three tanks which we could install above ground set on a concrete slab next to the existing system. This allowed us to add to the existing treatment plant with the addition of a pump with no disruption to the running of the home.

Home Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

With limited space and access the installation proved to be a challenge. We had to use a small excavator to prepare the area for the concrete base, the concrete had to be poured from the roadside, the tanks had to be delivered to site individually on small trailers and we had lift the tanks into position with a hiab. Over and above these challenges, we had horrible weather to contend with. However, four days later the tanks were in place and connected, site tidied up with no disruption to the home. Installation completed!


After only just six weeks, The sewage Treatment plant has produced tremendous final effluent results achieving 9 mg/l BOD : 6mg/ltr S/S : 8mg/ltr NH4 as tested by SEPA and far lower than the minimum compliance levels of the discharge license.

Delphin Range of Sewage Treatment Plants

The experts for fixed-bed technology

DELPHIN Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude/Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of fully biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology.

Delphin Classic Sewage Treatment Plant – Complete compact Wastewater Treatment Plants with a single clarification line for operation at facilities with connection sizes up to 220PE

Delphin Compact wastewater Treatment Plants <46PE – The DELPHIN® compact is a fully biological small scale wastewater treatment plant for the treatment of domestic sewage with the fixed-bed process. See how it works

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