Graf Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scotland
Graf Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scotland
Graf One 2 Clean Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scotland

Graf Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scotland – Our priority is always to find the most environmentally friendly, cost effective wastewater treatment solution for our customers and our latest sewage treatment plant installation was no different.

Ratho Park Steadings, a magnificent property set in the ground of Ratho Park is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment by the current owners to restore the property to its former glory, incorporating a beautiful home with two holiday lets within the courtyard overlooking the golf course.

Part of the project was to Upgrade the sewage system to comply with SEPA requirements – max 15pe, 8mg/ltr BOD and 4mg/ltr NH4N and provide a solution that met our customer’s requirements.

Site Survey & Customer requirements

On surveying the site and discussing in detail what was important to our customer, the criteria the system had to meet was as follows.

A high quality robust tank with low visual impact on landscape,

Reliable system with excellent cleaning performance to meet SEPA requirements

Low energy consumption,

Low maintenance costs,

No mechanical or electrical parts in tank,

Customer friendly easy to operate controller with holiday mode.

Local Service and Maintenance provider

System Selection

After looking at all the sewage treatment plant options available and discussed the options with our customer it was clear that the Graf One 2 Clean Sewage Treatment plant was the best option for this application and a system that met our customers criteria.

Xoli Expertise

Having been responsible for introducing Graf to Scotland twelve years ago, many visits to Graf manufacturing plants in Germany and working for the company for many years before setting up our own company, we have vast knowledge and expertise on Graf sewage treatment plants from the quality of the tanks and systems to installation & commissioning procedures and service & maintenance, so we were more than happy to carry out this installation and provide a service and maintenance package.


Fortunately, the weather was kind to us and the full system was installed and commissioned within 3 days.

The installation of the Graf Tanks is a very simple process (like everything providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions) and is aided with the design of the tank which has a large base giving the tank stability, lifting eyes for lowering the tank into position and an adjustable neck with lockable 600mm diameter green ground level cover for low visual impact.

System set up & commissioning

Having set up and commissioned many units the process is second nature to us however to give an indication of what’s involved here is a short overview.

As there are no moving parts or electrical components within the tank and the system is operated via a user- friendly controller and blower housed in an external cabinet, setting up the system is again a simple process. With a diffuser and airlift inside the tank supplied fully assembled it’s a simple case of attaching two colour coded air hoses, one to the diffuser and one to the airlift, feed the air hoses through a duct to the cabinet and connect to the ports on the control unit.

The next stage is to connect the power supply, switch on the controller and set the date and time.

The controllers are pre-set at the factory so there is no need to make any changes to settings, so it is very much plug and play.

The system also automatically carries out a system check to ensure everything is working.

Like other manufacturers, the system does require commissioning to validate warranty.


Graf One 2 Clean systems are covered with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the tanks and a 2 year warranty on technology (controller and blower).

However, to validate the warranty, the tank must be installed as per manufacturers guidelines, commissioned and logged with Graf.

Graf One 2 Clean Sewage treatment Plant Installation Scotland by Xoli

Another successful Graf Sewage Treatment Plant Installation carried out by Xoli complying with standards required by SEPA and providing our customer with the best system to suit their application and requirements.

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