Septic Tanks Do’s and Don’ts

Septic Tanks Do's and Don'ts

Septic Tanks Do’s and Don’ts

Septic Tanks Do’s and Don’ts –  Follow this list to take care of your Septic Tank.

Septic Tanks – DO’S and DONT’S


Flush Toilet paper only

Only use household products labelled “suitable for septic tanks” – “Environmentally Friendly”

Use household cleaning products in moderate amounts, limit bleach useage

Use less water – Space out laundry/dishwasher loads

Use Sink Strainer (prevent food scraps entering system)

Ensure your tank is serviced, maintained & Emptied regularly

 (All tanks need emptied – Frequency depends on size of tank, no of users, care of system & manufacturers recommendations)

Ensure your tank has adequate ventilation – consider our septiXvent

Keep records of all maintenance and Septic Tank Emptying


 Flush Baby Wipes, Cotton buds, Nappies, Sanitary Towels, Condoms, kitchen towels, Newspaper, Paper Towels

 Flush or pour Cooking oils, grease, milk, food scraps, coffee, tea bags.

Flush or pour Paint, white spirit, medicines, petrol or oils, solvents, chemicals

These can cause blockages or cause damage to the sewage treatment system and the Environment

Simply Feed it with the right fuel – it will run well!

Feed it with junk – it will break down!


This video from Scottish Water details how choosing what not to flush down the toilet can affect the environment around you, especially our beaches

Septic Tanks Do’s and Don’ts

The list could go on and on, but it is really a case of common sense. However if you are still unsure of what can or cant go in your septic Tank, Give us a call 

We can give expert advice on all aspects of Wastewater Treatment – Design, Product Selection, Service and Maintenance, Supply

Based in Scotland we can supply and deliver UK wide  Septic Tanks,  Sewage Treatment Plants, Grease Traps, from several leading leading manufacturers including Roto, Tricel, Premier tech Aqua and Biocell

allowing offer our customers the most suitable system for their application.