EaZyBarra-Builders Merchants sign up to stock

EaZyBarra-Builders Merchants sign up to stock 

EaZyBarra – With the EaZyBarra rolling off the production lines and available for delivery from 1st October, Builders Merchants UK wide are now signing up and placing stock orders.

Recognising the time, effort and cost saving benefits not only for their customers, but for their own staff moving and handling paving slabs in their yards, merchants are eagerly awaiting the arrival of EaZyBarra.

Contractors and merchant staff who have tested the EaZyBarra can’t believe how easy and how little effort is required to move heavy items.

EaZyBarra is initially available in five different Colours – black, green, orange, silver & yellow although other colours can be produced upon request.

The launch of our new product is exciting and the response, support and uptake from merchants has been amazing! We are grateful, Thank You for your commitment and support.

We are still looking for more stockists in certain areas of the UK.

Interested in stocking? call us on 0800 612 6401 or email info@xoli.co.uk