Carbon Air Vent


Septic tank vent, sewage treatment plant vent. Choose carbon filter vent to eliminate septic tank and sewage treatment plant odours

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Carbon Air Vent

Carbon Air Vent for Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants remove foul smells whilst allowing systems to vent

Carbon air vent applications

Suitable for septic tank and sewage treatment plant ventilation. Foul smells and odours emitting from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants is a common problem and usually as a result of either no adequate ventilation in the system or open vents.
Note: manufacturers installation instructions usually include ventilation as part of standard installation instructions. No ventilation may void manufacturers warranty in the event of a system failure.
Fitting a carbon filled vent to the system will eliminate these unpleasant odours and help the system function properly
Another reason for the system emitting foul smells could be the that system isn’t working efficiently as a result of no or a lack of service and maintenance. We recommend regular service and maintenance of systems as well as fitting carbon filter vents.
The carbon air vent is a Perfect solution for both new and existing systems, easily to retrofit on existing septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.
For retrofit applications we can supply a full kit which includes  vent, pipe, tee and adaptor couplings. See our septixvent page

Carbon Air Vent Specification

The standard carbon air vent will fit 110mm UPVC soil and drainage pipe. Other pipe sizes can be accommodated by using adaptor fittings. We can supply adaptors to suit different sizes of pipework. Call us for details 01236 796437
Twist lock lid for access to inner section containing replaceable carbon pellets. Carbon pellets will last up to four years.
Simple to replace carbon pellets, watch video

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