septiXvent septic tank vent kit


SeptiXvent carbon vent kit for septic tanks or sewage treatment plants.

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Septic Tank Vent Kit

septiXvent septic tank vent kit for reducing/eliminating smells from Septic Tanks or Sewage Treatment Plants.

Septic Tanks smell, but there are ways of reducing smells from Septic tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants.

Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants require adequate ventilation to function properly.

The most common cause of smells around septic tanks and treatment plants is either no ventilation, lack of ventilation or indeed vented but with no odour filter in the vent.

Other causes of smell in or around the home can be from shallow bath traps or shower traps where the water has evaporated through lack of use (to solve this simply pour water into the trap) or inadequate soil stack ventilation causing semi vacuum conditions when toilets are flushed. This causes water to be drawn from bath and shower traps (in this case – have your local plumber check your system)

Another common cause of smells entering the home can be due to the location of the soli vent stack (i.e. close to an upstairs window).  Products like the Poly-Air can be used in this situation.

Products like the Poly-Air or Maxifiltra can be fitted easily onto existing septic tank vent pipes to eliminate odours, however where there is no vent present the septiXvent septic tank vent kit has all the fittings you need to install a vent.

The SeptiXvent septic tank vent kit can be used in new installations or retrofit. Included in the box are 600mm socketed pipe, poly- air carbon vent, Extended T branch and 2 x 100mm – 110mm adjustable couplings for jointing to existing Upvc drainage pipe. Overall length 1.2 mtrs. Additional 600mm socketed pipes can be ordered for deeper invert levels

Note: It is advisable to have a drainage professional install your SeptiXvent, however if you decide to fit yourself  ensure you have adequate PPE, follow health and safety guidelines and be aware of health risks associated with dealing with sewage.

Our septiXvent installation video gives step by step guidance for installation.

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septiXvent vent kit, 600mm socketed extension pipe