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Graf One2Clean Sewage Treatment Plants – Smart and Simple Cleaning in 3 simple steps.



Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant. High Quality, Efficient Sewage Treatment Plants with excellent cleaning performance and low energy consumption.

Graf One2Clean Sewage Treatment plant, a smart and simple Sewage Treatment plant designed to treat wastewater in three simple steps to produce clear water, available in a range of sizes from 5Pe to 18Pe.

Graf One2Clean Size Range

 5PE, 7Pe &  9Pe – One tank, one chamber system 

Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant


10Pe, 14Pe, 18Pe -Twin tank system 

Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant


One2Clean Size chart


Graf One2Clean Treatment Plants are supplied in Graf Carat RS Tanks  which are made from 100% recycled material, manufactured using modern production methods which ensures a precisely defined and uniform wall thickness and impact resistant. Due to the unique design and ribs, the tanks are ground water stable and also have a large ribbed base which adds to the stability and aids installation. The tanks also benefit from lifting eyes to aid installation.

carat rs tank

Carat RS tank large ribbed base


crat rs tank

Carat RS Unique Ribbed design

The Tanks are supplied as standard with a  telescopic dome shaft which can be easily adjusted up to 5 degrees to suit ground conditions and a 600mm diameter green flush fitting pedestrian rated cover ensuring low visual impact. Telescopic cast iron vehicle rated covers and concrete cast iron vehicle/lorry rated covers are available as an option.

pedestrian dome

pedestrian dome shaft

One2clean vehicle loading dome shaft

Cast iron Vehicle loading dome shaft

One2clean vehicle/lorry bearing dome shaft

telescopic dome shaft concrete cast iron

Extensions for shafts and domes are also available as an optional extra giving an extra 300mm depth/cover.

Graf 400mm neck riser

400mm neck extension

Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant System – How it works

With no mechanical or electrical parts inside the tanks, only a air diffuser and air lift operated by factory pre set controller and blower the One2Clean Treatment Plant system treats wastewater in 3 simple steps – Aeration – Settling phase – Clear Water extraction.

The controller and blower can be either mounted in a garage or outbuilding to a maximum distance of 20mtrs from the tank, or housed in optional external control cabinet.

Note: External cabinets are an optional extra

Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant Controller

One2Clean Controller


Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant external cabinet

One2Clean external cabinet 5-7pe

Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant cabinet

One2Clean External cabinet 9-18pe


Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant Cleaning Cycle

One2Clean Treatment Plants treat wastewater in 3 simple steps – Aeration – Settling phase – Clear Water extraction.

One2Clean cleaning cycle

Operating on 2 x 12 hour cleaning cycles per day,  the Graf One2Clean Treatment Plant system provides excellent cleaning performance and has very low power consumption.

One2Clean power consumption

Low power consumption

Cleaning performance

One2Clean Treatment plants are CE certified to EN12566-3, tested at PIA institute GmbH with a certified treatment efficincy of 7mg/ltr BOD,14mg/ltr SS, 0.5mg/Ltr NH4N

One2Clean Treatment plant Summary

10 Year warranty on Tank

2 year warranty on technology

No mechanical or electrical components in tank.

Minimum power consumption

Excellent Cleaning performance 7mg/ltr BOD,14mg/ltr SS, 0.5mg/Ltr NH4N

Low maintenance costs

Simple & efficient 3 step cleaning process

Commissioning, Service and maintenance

To validate warranty, all One2Clean Treatment Plant systems must be installed and commissioned as per manufacturers instructions and logged with Graf.

Regular service and maintenance should also be carried out as per manufacturers instructions.

For customers in Scotland, Xoli can provide installation, commissioning, service and maintenance on Graf Treatment plants. Call us for details  T: 01236 796437

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Additional carriage charges will apply to items ordered separately. i.e neck extensions, control cabinets, dome shafts


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Graf One2Clean

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