GS Grease Separators – HDPE Grease Traps

GS Grease Separators – A range of Lightweight, rotational moulded HDPE constructed Grease traps

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GS Grease Separators

GS Grease Separators – A range of Lightweight, rotational moulded HDPE constructed Grease traps, suitable for larger catering and meat processing facilities. E.g. hotels and abattoirs. The GS Grease Separator separates and retains Fat’s Oils and Greases (FOG’s), settles high density solids and promotes clean and free running drains.

Available in 5 sizes – GS1, GS2, GS3, GS3.5 and GS4

GS Grease Separators – How they work

The large volume within the GS Grease Separator slows the flow of hot greasy water, extending the retention time within the tank.

The extended retention time allows suspended Fog’s to cool and separate, floating to form a waste layer at the surface.

Large solids and particles sink and settle to form a sludge layer in the base of the tank.

Baffle/dip pipes allow the cleaner stream of water to flow from the tank whilst retaining the separated FOG’s

GS Grease Separators – Features

High strength HDPE bodies

Can be installed above and below ground

All units come with pedestrian rated cover and frame

Sealable extensions available for all

Durable & Robust

Low maintainance

Easy access

Easy installation


A grease treatment system should be installed by catering establishments and food processing facilities to help and support the drainage system.

Various forms of grease treatment systems are used within the catering industry to prevent a build up of FOG’s Fats, Oils and Grease from solidifying and blocking drainage systems.

The installation of a Grease trap is a proven and accepted method of preventing excess grease entering the drainage system. Particularly important in kitchens and processing plants where more than 30 meals per day are served regularly and FOG’s are discharged into the drainage system. For larger applications above 600 meals per day a Grease Separator should be installed.

Consider the Jumbo range for smaller catering facilities.

Jumbo Grease Traps

Prices shown are carriage paid to UK mainland, excluding offloading. Additional charges apply for deliveries to Islands.

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GS1, GS2, GS3, GS3.5, GS4