Above Ground Grease Traps


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Above Ground Grease Traps

Above ground Grease Traps for domestic kitchens or commercial premises producing wastewater containing fats oils and grease, designed to fit under sink or Free standing.

Romast Grease traps are easy to install, require low maintenance and deliver long lasting performance making them an ideal choice.


Manufactured in accordance with EN 1825 ROTO grease separators are made from environmentally friendly material (polyethylene LLDPE). They are very durable, lightweight and resistant against various chemical substances used in kitchen.

Size Range

Five models are available ranging from 100 ltr to 2000 Ltr: NG0.25, NG0.5, NG1, NG2 and NG4. All models have a large screw down sealed lid allowing easy access for cleaning.

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Above Ground Grease Trap like any grease trap should be installed close to the source of contamination, inside or outside the building and should be easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance


Do I Need an Above Ground Grease Trap?

Grease Traps and separators must be fitted in all commercial hot food premises by law. These include Restaurants, Hotels and guest houses, Pubs, bars and cafes, Commercial kitchens, Fast food restaurants and takeaways, Bakeries, Food processing, Hospitals and healthcare facilities, Manufacturing operations and Industrial process applications as per Building Regulations.

If you have a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant, domestic or commercial, installing a grease trap can help with the efficiency and running of the system. Excess FOG’s ( fats, oils & grease’s)can cause septic tanks and sewage treatment plants to fail.


Building Regulations 2000 part H- Drainage and wastewater Disposal 2.21

2.21 Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator complying with BS EN 1825-1:2004 and designed in accordance with BS EN 1825-2:2002 or other effective means of grease removal.

What Size of Grease Trap do I need

Size of Grease Trap is determined by number of meals or the maximum possible flow of contaminated water, type of pollution, effluent temperature and detergent use.

Size can calculated by the formula: NG = Qs * fd * ft * fr * fm

Qs – the amount of waste water in l/s

fd – density of grease (if it is greater or lesser than 0.94 g/cm3

ft – temperature factor (if higher than 50 °C, is increased)

fr – detergents factor

fm – increased grease factor

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Delivery: NG0.25, NG0.5, NG1 –3-5 days. NG2, NG4 10-14 days  from receipt and payment of order

Above Ground Grease Trap Prices: all prices shown are delivered prices to mainland UK only. Delivery out with UK mainland contact us for additional carriage cost

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NG0.25 100Ltr, NG0.5 250 Ltr, NG1 500 Ltr, NG2 1000 Ltr, NG4 2000 Ltr