Ecorock 20-25pe Pumped

Non-Electric package sewage treatment plants. Ideal for even the most remote locations for domestic or residential applications.

Available in sizes from 8pe, 10pe, 15pe & 30pe. Larger systems are also available upon request.

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Biorock Ecorock Sewage Treatment Plant

Biorock Ecorock Sewage Treatment Plants are a perfect solution for even the most remote locations. Offering a complete range of sizes from 8pe, 10pe, 15pe, 30pe & up to 300pe allows us to offer on almost all applications.

Biorock Ecorock Sewage Treatment

Biorock Ecorock Sewage Treatment systems use cutting edge purification technology. Therefore producing some of the best effluent results amongst small packaged waste water treatment plants. There are no mechanical, electrical or moving parts meaning very low operational and maintenance costs. Supplied in pre-assembled units means they are ready to be installed on site for quick and easy installation. The tanks themselves are robust HDPE with low profile access covers. Ecorock Wastewater Treatment Units require no electricity meaning they can cope with varying loadings meaning they are ideal for Holiday homes, glamping pods, caravan sites, etc.


How Does it Work?

Biorock Ecorock Sewage Treatment Plants are a very simple two stage or two tank treatment system. The raw sewage enters the primary tank allowing for separation and initial breakdown of solids. This waste water then flows through a filter into the second tank – the Biorock unit. Whilst in the Biorock unit the waste water is treated as it passes through revolutionary Biorock Media. The highly treated effluent is then discharged via gravity or pumped outlet. Biorock media has an incredible 10year manufacturers warranty.

Biorock Sewage Treatment is a perfect option to be retro-fitted to an existing septic tank system. If you need to upgrade your current system Get in touch. You can also have a look at our 2020 regulations guide.

Biorock Ecorock – How it works Video.


Biorock Ecorock Pumped Outlet

Pumped Outlets can be provided for the Biorock Ecorock Sewage Treatment Plants. Details will be provided upon request. 01236 796437. 

Biorock Pumped Outlet Chamber

Biorock Pumped Outlet Chamber.