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Harlequin Septic Tanks up to 14Persons

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Harlequin Septic Tanks.

Harlequin Septic Tanks,High quality durable Polyethylene septic tanks for domestic sewage treatment, up to 14 inhabitants.

Three models ST27 (1-4 person), ST38 (5-10 person), ST45 (11-14 person)

Design & Specification

Manufactured by Harlequin manufacturing, who have an unrivalled reputation for quality with over 35 years’ experience in the rotationally moulded plastics storage products industry.
Harlequin Septic Tanks are a one piece moulded septic tank manufactured from medium density polyethylene, CE approved to EN12566-1 and designed in accordance with British Standard Code BS6297.
Designed to provide primary treatment to domestic sewage and wastewater, Harlequin Septic tanks design allows for a high level of settlement resulting in low levels of suspended solids suitable for discharge into an underground drainage field/soakaway system.

How Harlequin Septic Tanks Work.

They operate by retaining solids, allow them to settle out and be partially broken down by anaerobic biological action until the effluent is sufficiently treated to discharge to an underground drainage field/soakaway.

Sizes & Dimensions

ST2700 (1-4 person)

Capacity – 2728 Ltr, Max Hydraulic load per day – 720 Litres
Height – 2490 mm, Diameter 1840 mm, Weight (empty) 160Kg

ST3800 (5-10 person)

Capacity – 3800 Ltr, Max Hydraulic load per day – 1800 Litres
Height – 2730 mm, Diameter 2045 mm, Weight (empty) 200Kg

ST4500 (11-14 person)

Capacity – 4546 Ltr, Max Hydraulic load per day – 2520 Litres
Height – 2860 mm, Diameter 2165 mm, Weight (empty) 230Kg

Desludging Intervals – 12 months

Harlequin Septic Tank Features & Benefits

High Quality One Piece rotationally moulded Polyethene Tank to EN12566-1
Durable & impact resistant
Large Flat Base – stability for transporting and easier installation
Fully Lockable pedestrian duty cover – low visual impact
Rotating inlet pipe up to 180 degrees – easier installation
Moulded Lifting Eyes – Ease of installation

Price And delivery

All prices shown are subject to Vat at the current rate 20 %. Prices shown include delivery to UK mainland only. Additional carriage charges will apply to Scottish Highlands. Note: Tanks are normally delivered on artics, as such it is the customers responsibility to ensure access for delivery is suitable for HGV artics.
It is customers responsibility for offloading, please ensure sufficient means available for offloading tanks

Harlequin Septic Tanks – Related Products

Sampling Chambers

To comply with building regulations and allow for sampling, all septic tanks should have a sampling chamber installed on outlet side of the septic tank

sampling chamber

Carbon air Vent

Carbon Air vent

Septic tanks should have ventilation to allow proper operation. We recommend use of carbon air vents with Harlequin Septic tanks. The carbon air vent allows septic tanks to vent, whilst eliminating odours



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Harlequin Septic tanks

ST27, ST38, ST45