Rhino Above Ground Effluent Tank


Rhino Effluent Tank – designed to fit under portable cabins where mains drainage is not available.

Current Lead time 3-4 weeks – Other types and sizes available sooner.

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Rhino Above Ground Effluent Tank for temporary applications

Rhino Above Ground Effluent Tank manufactured in MDPE are Robust, lightweight and designed to fit under portable cabins where mains drainage is not available.

2500 litres capacity, 2.8mtr Long, 2.2mtr wide and only 0.45mtr high, The Rhino effluent tank (often referred to as an above ground septic tank) are used for collecting wastewater from Toilet Blocks, Kitchens, Canteens and Welfare Units.

Rhino tanks can be linked for additional capacity as required.

Standard Colour -Black

Also available in  dark green, blue, red, black, yellow and grey

Rhino Above Ground Effluent Tank Features

MDPE – Lightweight, Robust, non-rust.

2500 Ltr capacity

2 large sealed lids – 1 on each end to allow easy access for operators.

12” access for Easy Cleaning

4 Handles – allows ease of movement either manually or by forklift.

Optional wireless level indication

Transport and Handling:

Do Not move or lift a Rhino Above ground Effluent Tank that contains any sewage/ waste/ liquid.

Never drag or drop a Rhino Effluent Tank from height.

Never push a Rhino  Tank with the ends of a fork lift.

Lift the empty tank using all 4 handles. The weight of the empty tank when lifted needs to be evenly distributed.

If moving linked tanks make sure you remove the linking pipe and lift tanks separately.

The safest lifting methods are either crane/chain or fork lift.

The tanks can be moved by hand but we would recommend four able bodied people to move one.


The Rhino Tank should be sited on a flat, level surface, free from debris. Propping up of the base with small items may cause damage to the underside of the tank.

The tank should NEVER be buried or have any other item stacked on top of it. Excessive weight over extended periods will cause the tank shape to warp.

The Rhino Effluent Tank is intended for ABOVE GROUND USE ONLY.

Storage / stacking:

The tanks is best stored on its side – if a side linking kit is used do not stand seal side down.

Can be store on flat side vertically or stacked on top of each other up to a recommended maximum of 3.


To reduce smells we recommend the use of a carbon filled vent which allows the tank to vent but reduces smells

Prices shown are for delivery to UK mainland.

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