Vento Septic Tank Tricel

Tricel Vento Septic Tank

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Vento Septic Tank Tricel

Vento Septic Tank Tricel- Manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

Certified to En12566-1 Vento septic tanks are a high strength, durable septic tank, yet lightweight and low profile ensuring ease of installation.

Vento Septic tanks low profile design makes them an ideal choice for shallow dig applications.

Vento Septic Tanks are a blow-moulded twin chamber HDPE tank, with integrated outlet filter and non-de-composing filter media ensuring excellent treatment, increased solids removal and soakaway protection, which has been shown to increase the lifespan of soakaways.

Vento Septic Tank How It Works

1.       Wastewater flows by gravity into chamber one, where solids and heavier materials settle to the base of the tank. A small amount of anaerobic breakdown occurs at this stage.

2.       The liquid and lighter waste material flow over the baffle into the second chamber. A layer of scum forms at the top of the liquid and an outlet pipe fitted to the tank ensures that only liquid element flows into the percolation area. This specially designed dip pipe prevents the scum from passing into the percolation area which may result in blocked pipes.

3.       Final improvement of the wastewater occurs as it penetrates through the specially designed percolation area (integrated outlet filter with non-de-composing media).

vento septic tank Tricel

Vento Septic Tank Tricel Size Range

Available in Three Sizes – 3000 Ltr, 4000 Ltr & 5000 Ltr. Tanks come complete with two risers and lockable covers

vento septic tank

Deep Installations

Where deeper installations are required, additional risers are available. Each Riser is 180mm high. When risers are required, they are necessary on both the inlet and outlet sides of the tank.

Maximum height – Three risers

Vento Septic Tank Ventilation

Septic tanks require adequate ventilation to work efficiently. We recommend use of carbon filter vents see septiXvent septic tank vent kit.


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Riser Prices shown are only carriage paid when ordered with Septic Tanks. Risers ordered separately will incur extra carriage costs.

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Vento 3000 Ltr, Vento 4000 Ltr, Vento 5000 Ltr, Vento Riser 180mm

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