soaXaway Drainage Field Kit

soaXaway Drainage Field Kit

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soaXaway Drainage Field Kit

soaXaway Drainage Field Kit

soaXaway Drainage Field Kit-  A complete kit for Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant Drainage fields. Available in a range of sizes from 40mtr kits to 250mtrs kits.

All Drainage Field Kits are supplied with Rigid Half Perforated Drainage Pipe, Couplings, Bends, Tee’s, Distribution Boxes, Geotextile, Vent, Instructions and Layout Drawings. Basically, everything you need, apart from gravel.

Drainage Field Size

What size of soaXaway Drainage Field Kit do you require?

To calculate the size of Drainage field require you should have completed your Ground Porosity Test which will provide a (Vp) value. The Vp value multiplied by Number of persons (P) multiplied by a factor (0.25 for Septic Tanks, 0.2 for Treatment Plants) will give you the Area (A) required in Sq Mtrs. Laid in a 600mm wide Trench Divide Sq Mtr by 0.6, This will give you the required pipe length.


Septic Tanks: A = Vp x P x 0.25

Sewage Treatment Plants: A = Vp x P x 0.2

Calculation Charts

Using the formula, we have created charts to make Drainage Field sizing easier. Simply select VP from column and Tank size from rows to give area required and pipe required.

 Septic Tanks

drainage field calculations

Treatment Plants

SewgeTreatment Plant Soakaway

Gravel Requirements

Based on 600mm W x 475mm D Trench with 110mm Pipe & (building Regs H2 1.39) you should use 20mm – 50mm washed clean stone and will require approximately 0.26mtrs3 of stone per 1mtr.

soaXaway Drainage Field Kits Available

Standard kits available: 40Mtr Kit, 50mtr Kit, 60Mtr Kit, 75Mtr Kit, 100Mtr Kit, 125Mtr Kit, 150Mtr Kit, 175Mtr Kit, 200Mtr Kit, 225Mtr Kit, 250Mtr Kit.

Custom Size Kits are available and made to Order. Contact us with your Drainage field size, Area and Tank size for quotation.

soaXaway Drainage Field Kits Options

If access is a problem for gravel delivery, we have an alternative kit available using the Polybed system, where no gravel is required.. Call us for details


Delivery 3-5 Days for standard Kits, Custom kits 7-10 days.

soaXaway Drainage Field Kit Prices

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Additional information

Kit Size

40Mtr Kit, 50Mtr Kit, 60Mtr Kit, 75Mtr Kit, 80Mtr Kit, 100Mtr Kit, 125Mtr Kit, 150Mtr Kit, 175Mtr Kit, 200Mtr Kit, 225Mtr Kit, 250Mtr Kit