Domestic Sewage Treatment plant Installation Scottish Highlands
Domestic Sewage Treatment plant Installation Scottish Highlands

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scottish Highlands – Another Roto Ecobox 6Pe Sewage Treatment plant recently supplied and installed at Grantown on Spey in the Scottish Highlands.

For our customers extending their cottage meant they also had to upgrade their existing septic tank to a sewage Treatment Plant.

After researching several manufacturers Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants and visiting our stand at the Glasgow Homebuilding & Renovating Show, our customer decided to buy one of our Roto Ecobox Sewage Treatment Plants.

Why did they choose the Roto Ecobox?

Several factors led them to choose the Roto Ecobox.

The quality of the tank – manufactured in Polyethylene, the tank is very strong and robust and with a flat base, meant that installation would be faster and easier.

Roto Ecobox 6pe    Roto Ecobox Tank

The telescopic neck also allowed for an easier installation and with 600mm diameter flat locking covers meant less visual impact in the garden.

Roto Telescopic Neck    Roto Locking Lid

No Mechanical or electrical components inside the tank, meaning less maintenance costs.

Roto Ecobox tank Neck

The control cabinet could be placed up to 15 mtrs from the tank, again reducing the visual impact and allowing for service and maintenance to be carried out without the need to be at home whilst service work being carried out.

sewage treatment plant controlc abinet roto

Low energy costs and longer lifespan of the compressor – as the system uses SBR treatment process and performs 4 cleaning cycles per day treating sewage in batches, this means the compressor is running less than 12 hours per day thus saving energy and prolonging the lifespan of the compressor.

Playing Their part in reducing the impact on the environment and selecting a treatment plant with excellent cleaning performance was another factor which influenced their decision to purchase the Roto Ecobox.

Supplied, Installed & Commissioned

With the tank delivered, installed and commissioned within 3 days, yet another happy customer with peace of mind they have bought a quality product.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scottish Highlands?

Looking to buy a quality Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant? Before buying your treatment plant, seriously consider the Roto Ecobox