Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland
Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland

Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland

Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland – 100 Pe Roto Roclean Sewage Treatment plant c/w oxygen probe and Scada remote monitoring being prepared for shipping to Scotland for installation in January.

Septic Tank Upgrade to Sewage Treatment Plant

With a new extension and upgrade to their hotel starting in January our clients also must upgrade their existing septic tank to a Sewage Treatment Plant to meet the requirements of SEPA.

As the hotel is primarily a wedding venue the Treatment Plant would have to cope with varying wastewater input loadings and achieve final effluent levels of 5mg/ltr on ammonia as stipulated by SEPA. To Achieve this, and have total control of the system our customer selected the Roto Roclean 100Pe SBR Sewage Treatment plant with oxygen probe and SCADA remote monitoring

Roto Roclean SBR Sewage Treatment Plant

sewage treatment plant

Why did our client choose the Roto Roclean Sewage Treatment Plant?

SBR systems are arguably the most efficient Sewage Treatment plants in the market, treating sewage in batches and able to cope with the varying input loadings.

Lower energy consumption as the compressors operate less than twelve hours per day.

Final effluent levels of 5mg/ltr ammonia can be achieved

The system will be monitored with SCADA remote monitoring and can be remotely controlled and adjusted if necessary, to ensure the system is working efficiently.

The Roto Tanks are manufactured from Polyethylene, are very strong and robust with telescopic necks allowing for an easier and faster installation, thus minimal disruption to their business.

The system is one tank with four 700mm diameter flat, locking covers meaning minimal visual impact in the hotel grounds.

Roclean Treatment Plant Cover

Peace of mind that the system will be monitored, serviced and maintained allowing them to focus on their business.

Grease Separator

Serving meals ultimately leads to a lot of grease entering the sewage system, so to minimise this our clients will also have a Rofett Grease separator installed, an absolute must for any commercial catering premises.

RoFett Grease Separator

Wedding Venues – Hotels – Function Suites – Restaurants

Are you looking to upgrade your existing sewage system or perhaps open a venue?

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