septic tank smells
Septic Tank Smells

Septic Tank Smells

Septic tank smells are a common problem we are asked to resolve.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic formula that will eradicate the smell and odour from human waste, however there are ways to control and reduce smells and odours coming from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

One way is to install a Xoli  septiXvent, our new septic tank vent kit

What causes Septic Tank Smells?

Again, a common question we are asked.

Several factors can cause smell around the tank and these can range from

FOG’S (fats, oils and grease) entering the system,

Excessive detergents entering the system – have a look at our Do’s and Dont’s page

Lack of maintenance i.e. tanks not being emptied at regular intervals

Poor installation

Loose or broken lids or in some case no proper lid fitted

Lack of ventilation or no ventilation

It is usually one or several of the above reasons but the most common problem we come across is lack of ventilation.

Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants should be ventilated.

Building Regulations H2 1.21 state

Septic tanks should prevent leakage of the contents and ingress of subsoil water and should

be ventilated. Ventilation should be kept away from buildings.

Septic Tank Vents

Septic Tank vents are readily available, however buying all the correct components to allow easy fitting of the vent can be quite a task. Not anymore!

Xoli septiXvent is now available to allow septic tank vents to be fitted easily.


Complete septic tank vent kit in one box with all the components require to install a vent.

The kit comprises of all pipes and fittings along with a carbon filled vent which allows the system to vent but prevents smells entering the atmosphere.

Visit or septiXvent page for more information.

So, If you have a problem with smells around your septic tank fitting a septiXvent along with a health check around your tank – does the tank need emptied, are all the covers secure? Is there FOGs entering the system? Fit a Grease Trap, reduce chemicals and detergents entering the system and you will reduce the smell.

Look out for more new products coming soon