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Septic Tank Smell/Installation

Septic Tank Smell/Installation

Septic Tank Smell/Installation – Another visit to a customer complaining of smells from their existing septic tank resulted in a new Septic tank having to be installed – Why?

Having surveyed the site, we found several problems

  1. Existing septic tank cover not secured properly causing smells in the garden.
  2. No ventilation on the tank (apart from an open lid) no carbon vent fitted
  3. Existing soakaway blocked. Items found in soakaway – baby wipes, cotton buds, solids
  4. Baffle in existing fibreglass septic tank collapsed – this has allowed wipes, solids etc to pass to soakaway.


With no way of repairing the existing Septic Tank, we had no alternative other than to install a new Roto Roseptic HDPE septic tank and drainage field.

This involved installation of the new Roto Septic Tank, sampling chamber, septiXvent and drainage field/soakaway as well as diverting existing drainage to new tank and decommissioning the existing tank.

Fortunately, the ground conditions and weather were excellent for the installation (unusual for Scotland) which along with the choice of Septic Tank – Roseptic by Roto meaning no concrete was required, allowed for a quick and easy installation. The screw down adjustable neck on the Roseptic also sped up the install with no cutting of neck extensions.

Adding the finishing touches of the sampling chamber and Xoli septiXvent, backfilling and levelling off the sight and job was complete.


Another happy customer with no smell in their garden.

It is always good to receive feedback from our customers, in this case the following morning we were sent an email which read

Morning Eric, Thanks for all your work – much appreciated. It was nice to wake this morning to the smell of coffee rather than the smell of “something else” !!

To reduce smells and prevent costly repair bills it’s always a good idea to carry out regular care and maintenance checks, follow Do’s and Don’ts guidelines and have your septic tank emptied regularly.

Xoli Appointed Roto Group Distributor